Bluefish/Striper/Seabass Report 8/29/16

We have had a very busy summer! In the past few weeks we have seen an onslaught of Bluefish invade the Race and surrounding local waters. The Blues have a tendency to get to the lures before the bass do. We have still managed to avoid the Bluefish and dial in on the stripers in select areas. Trolling and 3 waying bucktails have been the best bets.  A few highlight photos to share over the past few weeks..

August 7, 2016 striped bass charter boat connecticut IMG_20160824_191628 IMG_20160824_155202

Black Sea Bass Fishing has been very good as well!


We just announced Specialty Trip Split Charter dates for Sea Bass and Fluke here: SPECIALTY TRIPS.

Blackfishing is also right around the corner. Before long, October 10th will be here. We will be announcing split charter trips as well for Blackfishing soon.  Looks like tentatively it will be Mondays and Tuesdays from Oct 10th- Nov 11th. 6 Passenger Blackfish charter dates are still available now for Wednesdays-Sundays between Oct 10- Nov 11th. So if you have a group of 6 put together, book your dates now. If not, check in with us when we officially announce the Split Charter opportunities for Blackfish soon.