Fishing Report 08/28/17

Black Sea Bass Fishing is Red Hot!

Black Sea Bass Fishing Charters Connecticut

Black Sea Bass fishing has improved tremendously over the past few weeks!

Starting September 1st we are going to take advantage of the increased bag limits for both Black Sea Bass and Porgies in CT and NY Waters by offering a special 7 Hour Trip. Black Sea Bass limits increase to 8 fish per person over 15 inches, and Porgies go to 45 fish per person! (over 10 inches). Time to fill your freezer! Did you know that if you use a food-saver or similar vacuum sealer when freezing your catch you can have fresh tasting fish for over a year?!  The 7 Hour combo trip will be $810 and we will also be offering Open Boat/Split Charter dates for the same targeted species if you can’t get a group of 6 together. Check our future updates to the OPEN BOAT Events Page!  


Bluefish have also made quite the appearance!

Check out the Bluefish Action on the Petrel here on our You Tube Channel

We have had some all out “Blitz Fishing” some evenings right at dusk in particular. Daytime fishing remains quite consistent as well. A lot of customers don’t realize that if properly cared for and prepared, Bluefish is excellent eating. So we are going to pass along 2 ways to make the most out of Bluefish.

Tip #1, (SMOKED BLUEFISH) Our mates can leave the skins intact so you or “your buddy with a smoker” can take advantage of smoked bluefish. Smoked bluefish is quite tasty!

Tip #2, (BLUEFISH CHOWDER) is also excellent. As the nights get a little cooler, bluefish chowder makes an excellent meal. Here is our easy recipe for that.

  1. 4-5 lbs Fresh Bluefish Fillets (cut all of the dark portions off the fillets)
  2. One large Vidalia/Spanish Onion (diced very small)
  3. One block of Salt Pork
  4. Fresh Dill
  5. Fresh Tarragon
  6. 2-3 Lbs Potatoes
  7. Sea Salt/ Fresh Ground Pepper.
  8. 6 oz. Heavy Cream
  9. Olive oil (1/2 cup)
  10. Clam Juice (2 Bottles)
  11. Fresh Garlic (3 Cloves minced)
  12. Butter (4 Tablespoons)

Brown the Onion and Salt Pork “chunk” in olive oil and butter until the onion begins to brown. Cube 1/3 of the salt pork into small cubes. Boil 3 quarts of water and add the onions, garlic, clam juice, and remaining block of salt pork with the diced bits. Stir and add Salt an Pepper to taste. Reduce heat and simmer. Peel and dice the potatoes into 3/4 inch cubes and add to the pot along with a generous amount of fresh dill and a teaspoon of minced fresh tarragon. Cover and continue to simmer 15-20 mins. Raise the heat to high, (returning to a boil), and add your processed bluefish fillets minus the dark portions. Cover and immediately reduce heat to low for 30 mins. Turn the heat off, remove and discard the remaining salt pork block and slowly stir in the heavy cream while breaking up the bluefish into spoon sized chunks. Re-cover with no additional heat added and let stand for 30 mins. Serve with Oyster crackers on top. One of our favorite ways to enjoy bluefish by far!


Striped Bass, Porgy and Fluke Report:

Connecticut Striped Bass Charters

Striped Bass are still around but it is definitely a challenge getting through the more aggressive bluefish to present baits to these “less ambitious” linesiders. Should see an improvement this fall as the Stripers begin to migrate through our area on their return trip south. Pictured above is Ashton Meek with his first striped bass which was caught on the Petrel. Quite a fish for your first Ashton!

Fluke fishing continues to be hit or miss. Some days are very good, other days they seem to have lockjaw. Fluke season ends September 21st. We might run one more Open Boat Fluke trip to Montauk or Block Island in September. CHECK OUR OPEN BOAT EVENTS TAB

Porgies are just about everywhere! The Porgy fishery is outstanding with some real nice jumbos mixed in locally already. They get bigger traditionally in the fall and the Charter Boat bag limit increases to 45 Fish Per Person starting September 1st. A great option to take the kids out fishing is our 3.5 hour local trip. You can charter the boat for $400 and load up on porgies with plenty of action for these tasty fish. We had a customer send us the photo below of fish tacos she made with the fresh caught Porgies on the Petrel that day. Looks mighty tasty, and Porgies really are. Don’t knock em till you try ’em!

Porgy Fishing Charter Connecticut



Blackfishing Charters run October 20th – November 12th.

Blackfishing is right around the corner! Book your Charters now before our short season ends! Blackfishing charters are 9 hours in duration leaving the dock at 8am and returning at 5pm. The cost is $890 and that includes rods reels, bait (Crabs) and Tackle. We will also have Open Boat/Split Charter dates available if you can’t get a group of 6 together. The open boat dates will be announced in Mid September. Check our Events tab frequently for Open Boat/Split Charter dates.


We want to thank everyone who have already fished with us this season, and welcome those who will over the next several months.

“Get Tight” on the Petrel!

  • Capt. Greg