2018 Season Update and Fishing Regulations

Season Update and Regulation changes for 2018.

It’s snowing again today April 2nd, 2018, and we are only about 6 weeks away from getting the PETREL back in the water! This Winter/Spring has been spent planning and beginning the process of finishing the galley and interior. All the reels have been stripped down, cleaned, greased and repaired as necessary. Rigs are tied, and all the tackle has been organized and replenished. So things are coming along great, but we are more than ready to get out there fishing just as much as you are!

CT just set their 2018 Marine fisheries regulations so we have some updates to share so you can plan your bookings accordingly in advance.

There are a few things to note: (Specifically Black Sea Bass regulations).

Our advice is that if Black Sea Bass are your primary species of interest, book your trips after August 7th. The 3 week closed period will be over, and the limit also increases from 3 to 5 fish per person.

Here are the rest of the updates on our seasons and limits

Striped Bass: (Unchanged)

  • 1 Fish per angler may be retained per trip at a 28″ Minimum length
  • (Check the website for our new combo Fluke/Striper Trips May-June)


Bluefish: (Unchanged)

  • 10 Fish per angler may be retained per trip (no minimum)


Fluke Update:(Retention/Season changes)

  • The CT. Fluke Season starts earlier (May 04) and ends later (09/30) in 2018. 
  • New for 2018: 4 fish per angler may be retained over 19″


Black Sea Bass Update: (Retention & Split Season)

  • CT Black Sea Bass Season will be split into two seasons:
  • Season One: 05/19-07/17 (3 fish per person, 15″ or larger)
    • 07/18 thru 08/06 The Season Closes for Black Sea Bass.
  • Season Two: 08/07-12/31 (5 Fish per person, 15″ or larger)


Fall Blackfish Update: (Season Length)

  • CT Blackfish season for the fall will run 10/10-11/28
    • (Our trips will run 10/10-11/10) so you can plan accordingly.
  • 3 fish per angler may be retained over 16″


Scup (Porgies) Update: (Size Limit)

  • CT Porgy Minimum size is 9″
    • Season One: 05/01-8/31   30 Fish per Angler
    • Season Two: 09/01-12/31 limit increases to 45 Fish per Angler