Fall Fishing Report 09/26/19

We are wrapping up September with some excellent fishing, weather, and a few exotic species to boot! In the past few weeks we have managed to add Spanish Mackerel, Green Bonito, and Little Tunny to our client’s list of species. Having some fun with light tackle top water fishing or high speed trolling for these species too. We will Continue to run Half Day Charters through October and possibly early November. BLACKFISHING starts Oct 10th and that will be a 7 Hour charter departing at 8am.

13.3 lb Little Tunny (False Albacore)
09/18/19 Charter
Spanish Mackerel
9/20/19 Charter
Green Bonito
9/23/19 Charter

STRIPED BASS fishing is hanging in there, and we expect to see some big Bass around through early November. Half Day Blues/Stripers and Bottom Fishing combo charters will continue right through the end of October.

BLUEFISH have been “lights out” most days with a ton of “cocktail” sized blues being caught on everything from light tackle, to trolling jigs, and diamond jigging. These fish are perfect sized for eating, smoking, or a fall fish chowder. Fire up the smoker, its time!

SEA BASS and SCUP has also been about as good as it gets on our half day inshore trips. Possession limits for Charter and Party Boats are at MAX levels for the remainder of our season. Legal size = 7 Seabass and 50 scup (per angler) allowed. And the fishing is excellent right now!

3.5 lb Black Sea Bass caught on one of our Half Day charters last week.

BLACKFISH: Oct 10th will open the Fall Blackfish season and boy we can’t wait to get out there and anchor up on them. This year we are offering the 7 hour charter for Blackfishing. We also just announced a bunch of open boat split charter dates in October. Some are “AQUARIUM” trips (Targeting everything we run across from bottom to top). The others are “BLACKFISH” trips with possible by-catch of Triggerfish, Scup, Sea Bass and Cusk.

New Open Boat Trips just announced! Jump to the OPEN BOAT PAGE

There is still a good 2 months worth of fishing to be had. Now is your chance to cash in on the amazing fall fishery and stock up the cooler a little while you are at it!

Hope to see you soon! -Capt. Greg