Fishing Report August 2020

Charter fishing continues to be awesome in Connecticut this year!

Black Sea Bass Fishing Charters Connecticut, Petrel Fishing Charters Waterford, Ct.

BAIT! The amount (and variety) of baitfish locally is amazing! We have identified anchovies, silversides, finger mullet, whiting, squid, butterfish, peanut bunker, crabs, and chub Mackerel over the past few weeks. This should keep the fish around for a while this fall. The cooling temperatures will also trigger annual migrations to start heading south through our local waters.

Black Sea Bass fishing has been solid (as usual for this time of year) with fish pushing the 4 lb. mark like the one pictured above. Porgies have been everywhere and we have found a few structures that have produced some real jumbos up to 3 lbs! Striped Bass are very plentiful but mainly on the smaller side. (We are experimenting with some new techniques) to target Striped Bass, Bluefish, and soon the False Albacore this fall. Bluefish continue to please with some really nice eating size fish that are perfect for the smoker! These smaller blues have less dark meat. Fish nuggets anyone? Try fresh bluefish cheeks. We will save you some if you ask.

Blues (and Porgies) for some reason have a negative reputation in the “edible fish” category. On our boat the PETREL we bleed the Blues before filleting them, then de-bone all of your fish before they go directly on ice. This insures you receive the freshest fish possible. If you want to learn more about why we are so fortunate with all our varieties of local fish, check out this video about where your “fresh” fish actually comes from. It will forever change how you will view the type and quality of fish that you put on your table. (A special thank you to Tyler and Jason for sharing this video)!

Fluke Fishing Charters Connecticut, Doormat Fluke Charters, Fluke Charter Connecticut

Fluke fishing is on the upswing (albeit late this year) with fish caught on most of our bottom fishing trips. We still have the whole month of September to dial in on these delicious flatfish. Our 08/25 trip produced this “Doormat” pictured above . Recommendations for targeting Jumbo Fluke and Sea Bass fishing is our Montauk Full Day 9 hour charter. (The 7 hour charter is also a good option for Black Sea Bass through the Fall).


I say this every year and last year a good bunch of people took us up on our fall fishing recommendation. So here is the pitch…

Features of fall fishing: Less fishing pressure, the most varieties of fish to target, and the possession limits on some species increase (Porgies and Sea Bass). The weather remains balmy, and the fishing is excellent. October is the best month of the season!

Benefits of fall fishing: Less humidity! A chance to stock your freezer with fresh caught fish. Sept 1st the possession limits increase on both Sea Bass and Porgies. Blackfish Season gets into full swing by Mid October with a few Triggerfish in the mix. False Albacore arrive along with a few other exotic species like Spanish Mackerel and Green Bonita. It’s also your last chance of the year to get out there!

Blues and Striped Bass will also hold for us well into the middle of October before BLACKFISHING begins. You can book your fall trips online and view our calendar for availability. Starting mid September, our trips will begin departing later in the morning and earlier in the afternoon. Until then, get your last trips in for the fall!

Tight Lines,

-Capt. Greg Bernier