Fishing Report Connecticut 09/30/20

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Stripers and Blues Dominating!

Striped Bass fishing has been outstanding for the entire month of September and the fish are getting bigger as of late. Pictured above was our charter on 9/28 and the fish on the right was revived and released measuring 37 inches. UPDATE! We will continue to run the 5.5 Hour (half day) trips until the end of October at this point. Please Note: (We do not offer Blackfishing on the 5.5 Hour charters though). Blackfishing is a stand alone 7 hour charter. (Scroll down for more info on these).

Mixed in with the bass have been plenty of bluefish from cocktail sized to gorilla mid teen sized. Get your smokers ready! We bleed them right away and if you haven’t had smoked bluefish before, well we might have a little for you to try in the coming weeks. We expect that fishery to continue right through October.

Green Bonita are popping up on some of the trips too and we are starting to target those on spinning rods when able. They are toothy critters and good eating. False Albacore seem to be stuck around the Watch Hill area. There have been a mix of Atlantic, Spanish, and Chub Mackerel on most trips as well. Changes things up a bit!

Bottom Fishing for Scup (Porgies) has been lights out with some real big 2+ pound fish coming over the rail on most trips. Black Sea Bass are getting a little less predictable locally on the half day combo trips so if you are looking to target them specifically we suggest the 7 or 9 hour charter to cash in on those before they are gone.

Last but not least BLACKFISH! The season Opens on October 10th and we will be doing a 7 hr. Blackfish only charter leaving daily at 7am (reservations required). Call us to book these or you can always do it online by going here: BLACKFISH CHARTERS ONLINE. All bait (Green Crabs), rods reels and terminal tackle are provided. The mate will also fillet your catch and bag and ice them down. NOTE: Last weekend I saw fresh Blackfish fillets at the store for $18.99 a pound!

We still have 2 months of fishing ahead of us so now is your chance to cash in and load up on some fresh fish for the winter! Speaking of fresh fish, if you haven’t seen this documentary, you might find interesting. Thanks to our RI neighbors Tyler and Jason for producing this.

-Capt. Greg Bernier