Fishing Report Petrel Charters 10/20/10

Blackfishing Charters Connecticut


The fall fishing continues to please our charter groups and a few fun fishing ventures as well. Blackfish have been the main target on most trips and they continue to chew. If you have never been Blackfishing before it is a humbling (but fun) experience. Why? Because they are masters at stealing bait #1. They can also be very difficult to hook until you get the “feel” for how they bite. As far as table fare they are the best in my opinion of all the local species we catch. Another note: there is alot of meat and not much waste to these bottom dwellers. So 12-18 of these result in quite a hefty haul of fillets! Much more so than Black Sea Bass yields.

Black Sea Bass are mixed in with the blackfish but most of what we are seeing are throwback size. A few decent ones here and there but they are now migrating out to sea as the water temps continue to drop. Surprisingly we have still had a good shot at Porgies locally. Getting a few of them while blackfishing even though we are not specifically targeting them.

Fall Fishing Charters, Petrel Charters Waterford Connecticut

Bluefish are still around if you want to get your smoker fired up and cash in on a last minute haul of some XL Bluefish. Most fish are 8lbs plus. Striped Bass (of keeper size) are quickly vacating the local waters but there are a lot of small schoolies popping up close to the beaches to keep the rods bent.

All said, the fall fishing has been spectacular! We hope to see a few new and returning faces in the next month to cash in on our amazing fall fisheries! To view our availability and book a Blackfishing trip you can do so right from our website HERE.

Tight Lines,

-Capt Greg