Fishing Season just 6 Weeks Away!

Best Charter Fishing in Connecticut

Reports from the “Ocean Side” are very encouraging!

Lots of bait and birds showing up around the ocean side of Long Island. It won’t be long now until the predators follow the bait into Long Island Sound as water temps rise. Here is a quick review of the type of fish we catch and the best months and charters suitable to target them throughout the season.

PORGIES: (7 HR Charter is the best choice for large quantities of Jumbo Porgies from May-Mid October). We do offer Porgy fishing in combination with other species on the 5.5 HR charter (from July-Sept) and on the 3.25 HR (from July-August). If you specifically want porgies, choose the 7 HR option. Note: From Sept 1st- ON our vessel is allowed to retain larger quantities of Porgies and Black Sea Bass.

FLUKE: (7 HR Charter is the only one we offer to specifically target Fluke) The season runs from May through September with July 1 thru September 30 being the best to target Jumbo Fluke. Sea Bass are also common while targeting Fluke on this trip.

STRIPED BASS: (5.5 Hour Charter is the best choice for Striped Bass from June-late September) We also offer Striped Bass fishing with the 7 HR charter and 4.5 hour charter in combination with other species.

BLUEFISH: (5.5 HR Charter is the best choice for Bluefish from July 4- October 15) You may also combine Bluefish with other species on the 7HR or 4.5HR Charter during the same time period.

BLACK SEA BASS: (7 HR Charter is your best choice for specifically targeting Black Sea Bass from Late June- mid October). We do offer a combination of species (including Black Sea Bass) on the 5.5 hour Charter from mid July- September. Smaller juvenile Black Sea Bass are common on our 3.25 HR Charter but mostly catch and release. Note: From Sept 1st on our vessel is allowed to retain a greater quantity of Black Sea Bass (and Porgies). Fall fishing is spectacular!

BLACKFISH (Tautog): (7 HR Charter is the only option we offer from Mid October through the end of November). Black Sea Bass are common on this charter as well as an occasional Triggerfish.

OTHER SPECIES (NOT SPECIFICALLY TARGETED): (FALSE ALBACORE, SPANISH MACKEREL and GREEN BONITA can make an appearance on our fall charters from Sept through October). (TRIGGERFISH make a limited appearance on our BLACKFISH charters as well in the Fall). SEA ROBINS and CHUB MACKEREL are very common bycatch in the summer months while bottom fishing on all charters.

WE HOPE TO GET YOU OUT ON THE WATER THIS SEASON! To check our calendar and book your charter here is an easy way to do so:

– Capt. Greg

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