Fishing Report 06/11/21

The 2021 season is underway and the go-to species has been PORGIES, PORGIES, PORGIES!

Porgy fishing boat Connecticut

The go-to trip has also been the 7HR charter. Some days have producing Jumbo Porgies up to 3 lbs. NOTE: many people ask us why this time of year is lights out excellent one day and the next day not at all? Answer to that is two fold: spawning and migrating. Spawning season is just wrapping up and many species go into “migratory mode” after that. When they are around…. they are plentiful and hungry, but sometimes it takes longer to find and stay with them as they are constantly on the move.

Black Sea Bass fishing report: They are plentiful in all sizes but mostly being caught and released unharmed in NY waters. (NY waters are closed for the Sea Bass Spawning until June 23rd so we cannot keep them while fishing in NY). However, if you want Black Sea Bass to keep, book your charter after June 23rd and the 7HR or Marathon trip is the best way to go. We will again start up our popular 5.5HR “combo” charters for Blues/Stripers/Sea Bass & Porgies in early July.

OPEN BOAT TRIPS SHALL RESUME IN JULY through the End of the Season. Only being offered on early weekdays but a great opportunity for an individual or smaller groups to get the charter experience with other like minded people. Five is the maximum # of anglers we will take. We will also offer discounted “3-Paks” of tickets.

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Bluefishing Charters Connecticut

Striped Bass and Bluefish made a surprisingly early appearance and then pulled a vanishing act this past week. Tides have been one issue and the Memorial Day weekend weather didn’t help. Bait is starting to fill in locally and where there is bait, the apex fish shall follow. Things should start improving this weekend and we will keep you posted.

Top Rated Connecticut charter boat

Fluke: Charters for Fluke should start producing well from mid June on and 7HR or “Marathon” charters are best for targeting Fluke right up until the end of September. The better Fluke fishing is a longer ride but if your bucket list has a “Double Digit” Fluke on it, click the link above for available dates and the Marathon Trips are your best chance of scoring a 10+ # Fluke.

Planning Ahead: The reservation schedule starts to get hectic after the 3rd week of June so book your trips early. Best fishing is on weekdays if you can swing it. Why? Weekends draw more boat traffic, more fishing pressure, and less fish to take home in some cases. And best time of year to fish is definitely in the fall. NOTE: Sept 1st the retention limits for Porgies and Sea Bass increase per person for our charter vessel. To learn more…..


Let’s get you out there this season. Don’t get left behind at the Dock! – Capt. Greg