Fishing Charter FAQs

In preparation for your trip,

here are some charter fishing faq’s.

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We have assembled a pretty complete list of charter fishing faq’s with answers to some of our most commonly asked questions below. If there is anything we did not cover here please call us and we would be happy to answer them for you!


Is there a toilet onboard the boat?

Answer is yes .

It is called a “head” in maritime terms FYI.

If a person doesn’t fish, do they count?

Answer is yes.

Whether fishing or not under no circumstances can we take more than 6 passengers. 6 passenger maximum means 6 total whether fishing or not. Our license does not allow for 7 or more passengers. For groups up to 12 we can at times secure a second boat locally to accommodate your needs. Please call.

Will we need a Saltwater fishing license?

Answer is no.

Our Charter license allows up to 6 paying customers to fish under our charter boat’s license.

What is provided on our charter?

We provide all equipment, bait & licenses.

The first mate will assist you in learning how to use the equipment, fish properly, and at the end they will fillet, bag and ice your catch.

What is not provided?

Food, Drink, Raingear.

Everything else is provided to make your experience memorable. Helpful Captain’s tip: Bring plenty of water! Hydration is key. (Sunscreen, sunglasses, raingear and a sweatshirt are recommended also).

Will the mate’s tip included in the price?

Answer is No.

The cost of the charter is for renting the entire boat and Captain. Customary tips for mates are 15-20% of the total charter cost.


What are we going to fish for?

Answer: Depends on duration and season.

If there is a particular species you want to target please let us know at time of booking your charter. For instance we do not fish for Striped Bass and Bluefish on a 3 HR Charter. Same for Fluke on a 5 HR charter. Use this HELPFUL LINK to see what species we fish for and when, throughout the season.

Can we bring alcohol on the boat?

Answer: Beer and Wine are allowed.

We do not encourage hard liquor at all. This is a fishing trip that you should enjoy and if drinking in excess is what you intend on doing, stay at the Dock! Also no drug use is allowed at any time. (Including Cannabis). Our licenses and permits are federally issued through DHS and federal laws prevail while onboard the vessel. Impaired judgement on the water is not a good mix and may terminate the charter.

Weather & Seasickness

What about weather conditions?

Answer: Rain & T-Storms happen.

Do not rely on your local weather forecast (especially long range forecasts)! Case in point, in 2021 when there were hailstorms, thunderstorms and downpours inland, we never got a drop of rain on the water! The captain will make the call if it is questionable the night before. Severe wind is about the only reason for cancelling or rescheduling a charter. If conditions do begin to deteriorate while at sea during a charter we may return earlier and prorate/downgrade the cost of your charter upon mutual agreement.

What about seasickness?

Answer: Here is a useful link: SEASICK REMEDIES

We also ask that if you are feeling sick on a charter, stay outside in the fresh air and if you have to get sick please do so overboard (not in the “head” down below).

Captain’s tip: If you are prone to seasickness, avoid coffee/orange juice/alcohol in particular. If you are planning on taking medication for seasickness, take it the night before, and again when you wake up before your charter. It won’t work when you already start feeling queasy.

Cancellation Policy & Booking

What if we have to cancel/reschedule our charter?

Answer: Read our terms and conditions in the contract.

We do require specific days notice for complete cancellations. Charters that are completely cancelled after that are subject to a $150 cancellation fee. Rescheduled trips with proper notice will roll your deposit or full payment into the new date and there are no additional fees.

What are the ways to book a charter?

Answer: You may call in or book online.

A 50% deposit (or full payment) secures your date and departure time. Balance is due on or if you prefer before the day of your charter. The easiest way to book is to do so ONLINE. For last minute bookings we recommend booking online where you can view any available slots left on our calendar. We get busy in the summer and do our best to get back to everyone who calls by the end of the day.

Please give us a call if you have further questions.

(860) 962- 0103