We offer charter rates and options for a variety of different duration and species targeted. Here is a list of the current charters and rates for 2019.

MAX 6 Passengers on all trips. Reservations and 50% deposit required

Quarter Day Charter: $420

Bottom fishing with bait along the local beaches. This is a great trip for young kids, novices, vacationers, or first timers. Duration is 3.25 hours and availability is morning or afternoon.

Half Day Charter: $720

Fishing for Striped Bass, Bluefish, Porgies, and sometimes the Sea Bass make an appearance. Duration is 5.5 hours with morning or afternoon availability.

Extended Day Inshore Charter: $840

This is a good trip where you can do it all and fish for all the local species without a 2 hour ride to the fishing grounds. July-Mid October availability mornings or early afternoons. Targeting Fluke, Sea Bass, Striped Bass, Bluefish and Porgies. Duration 7 hours morning or early afternoon departure.

Oct 14- Nov 14th we target Blackfish on this trip.

Block Island/ Montauk Full Day Charters: $1050

If you are looking to load up on Jumbo Sea Bass, Fluke, and Porgies this is the trip for you. The ride to the grounds is longer but from Mid July- October, the fishing is just plain amazing. We target Fluke Sea Bass and Porgies to start and if we have time on the way in and you want to troll for Bass or Blues we can do that too! This is the trip to choose if doormat Fluke and Jumbo Porgies and Sea Bass are on your wish list. Duration is 9+ hours. Departs at 6am, back by 3 or 4 pm.